Ashley Park Townhomes

About Us

MomandSononGrassForWebManor House Builders is a family owned business that started in Hagerstown, Maryland. The president of the company, Hilton C. Smith, Jr., began his career in commercial real estate development in the late 70’s. The acquisition of a farm in Maryland, in the early 90’s, started his entry into residential real estate building. The model of operation at Manorhouse is to serve as both the developer and builder so as to insure quality built homes from the ground up to the final shingle.

It’s About Value

We’re big on giving you more home for your money. And the peace of mind that comes from a homebuilder with over 20 years of experience, a solid reputation and an unsurpassed warranty and level of customer service. It’s simply a reflection of quality—Manorhouse is proud to stand behind homes that were built with high standards and attention to detail.

It’s About Choice

With Manorhouse, you will have a large selection of choices for your new home. And if it’s not something that we normally do—just ask and we will try to accomodate the best we can! We want to work with our buyers as much as we can while maintaining a professional atmosphere and timely production of our homes. And your options can be included in your financing—so breathe a little easier!

It’s About Space

We’ve built big thinking into each and every Manor House home. By expanding space in key living areas, we’ve given you more room in the places you and your family use the most. Well-designed homes with large bedrooms, big closets and user-friendly kitchens make the square footage per dollar even more valuable!

It’s About Trust

Manor House Builders builds more than just beautiful new homes, we build entire communities. Your community is not only our investment, it is our artistry and pride. We understand that your new home purchase is a big step. And we want you to take it with someone who is going to be there today and tomorrow.

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